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FAQ (This one just explains what we do, no relation to the other ones)

Q: Where do you get your list information?

List information is manually pulled from the Best Coast Pairings app or Down Under Pairings. They are amazing tools for viewing tournament results and lists from around the world. Occasionally, detachment information may be supplemented by firsthand reports from the players themselves if the BCP/DUP information is missing.

Q: What criteria do you use when analyzing a tournament? Does any tournament qualify to have its data included in the sheet?

Tournaments are selected based on a number of criteria. First, approximately 90% of the lists have to be viewable, either via one of the pairings sources, or firsthand player corroboration. We want to ensure that we get as accurate a view as possible on what detachments make up the lists in question, not to mention it is not uncommon for the incorrect 'primary faction' to be selected in the pairing apps when uploading a list. Second, the tournament needs to have an attendance of at least 32 players. This was an arbitrary jumping off point and could be subject to change in the future. Third, the tournament needs to have at least 5 rounds of play. Lastly, we need access to the results for all games that took place in the tournament and the victory points scored on all sides.

Q: What tournaments do you have recorded so far?

So far we have recorded the results from over 50 tournaments in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019 It amounts to having the data from over 14000 unique games recorded so far with many more to come.

Q: What's in it for you?

We just love statistics and what they may or may not say about this hobby we love. It is common to hear that a particular faction is 'overpowered' or 'too weak' in a specific meta or that certain subfactions are disproportionately represented but it is rare for anyone making these claims to back them up with raw numbers. While we would never claim that the numbers we collect mark a particular faction or codex as 'bad' or 'good' they do allow a great deal of insight into what is currently happening in our game as well as what happened in the past.

Q: Who are you?

I'm just a guy that likes Warhammer and numbers and wants to add another layer of legitimacy to this awesome hobby we all take part in. I cohost the 'Chapter Tactics' podcast hosted by FLG and periodically provide deep dives into the stats I collect here on that show. I play Custodes, Blood Angels and Deathwatch but there is a small 'Waaagh' buried deep in my heart that will never let go. I keep saying 'we' on this page in the off chance that you do too  (like Warhammer and numbers, not the factions played or waaagh part, that would be too much like kismet and I'm happily married).

Q: Can I have the file itself?

For sure! Simply click 'File Archive' at the top of the screen and you'll have access to the main databases and pivot tables from whichever year you wish. There is a second file that manages the Faction vs Faction core data that is not housed on this site. If you'd like to see that as well, you can select 'Contact Us' and send me a message requesting the information along with the best place it can be forwarded to.