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Hey everyone, The Falcon is here with some updates on the web site and maybe a little current meta talk.

First up, I've added a few new features to the site and am working behind the scenes to include some others. If you check out the menu bar there is now a link for 'FLGN Podcasts', this brings you to the complete FLGN library via their RSS feed to allow you to listen to the siren songs of your favorite podcasters, whether that be ya boy and Val, Reece, the Rhino, or Nick and John everything is there to listen to while you browse the site. In case you didn't know, I am a co-host on 2 of the FLGN podcasts and there is a lot planned for the network in the coming year so it only felt right that I add the content to the page.

Under the Top 4s link, I've also added a Top Faction Lists page. This brings you to a repeater feed that will keep track of what events each faction places in the Top 4 at over the course of the year. As it stands I am tracking these by month but will probably roll them into quarters as the year goes by to save on space (we'll see). I have been asked multiple times in the past for this feature from particularly rapacious fans and figured now was as good a time as any to bring it online.

You may have noticed the event data from 2019 was removed from the site. Unfortunately, I am bad at building web sites from scratch and things got a little away from me as 40k exploded with sometimes 8-9 events in a week, as such I just chose to nuke the old data and rebuild it a little better on the back end for 2020. Going forward I'll be better able to archive the top 4s for future years.

In terms of the meta there isn't a whole lot to report at the top end for 2020. I've already gathered 9000 games worth of data on the year and things are shaping up well enough. Marines still make up approximately a quarter of the field from event to event and have maintained that 58ish percent win rate (well over 60 once you remove the mirror). They have jumped to 55% of TiWP off of the back of continued strong performances from Raven Guard and particularly Iron Hands (Iron Hands lists have made up just shy of a 3rd of all Top 4 performances so far this year). As the Broviathan and Lias lists (and their variants) continue to put up numbers I expect that number will at least be sustained, if not grow. Marines currently have 0 factions that they have a sub 50% win rate against in the first quarter of 2020, even Ynnari generally had at least Thousand Sons that gave them some trouble during their reign from a pure Faction v Faction perspective.

On the plus side, we have started to see some growth from the bottom end of the meta. Dark Angels, who have fought valiantly to be the worst legion for some time now, had their first 2 top table performances in a year now that they have access to a few better rules. They are still being held down by some really poor performances, but getting to TiWP on two occasions is better than some factions can currently report, a particularly welcome feat given the rest of their metrics. Congratulations to Ben Neal for taking my most hated faction to a win at Genghis Con with his DA Air list and to Dan Gilbert for almost taking down a major! I'm curious to see if these performances can be maintained or if they are just flash in the pan like several other peeks at the top other normally bottom performers have had. I will say this is the first time in a long time that we have had no factions sitting below 40% for their win rate, so it seems that while Marines still have the monopoly on things up top what is sitting behind them is at least starting to level out.

That's all for now, so be kind to each other and buh-bye.

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