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Hello everyone! Long time no talk! I hope this post finds you all well. Life in the COVID-19 world has been relatively busy on the Falcon's home front, so despite not having tournaments to cover or stats to drill down on I have been busy as all get out home schooling my kids, going to work and trying to keep the bears at bay.

That said, if you've missed my dulcet tones on Stats Centre or craved the stats updates only this site has been able to provide until now, have I got some great news for you!!! I highly recommend you head over to to see what Diffey and the boys have gotten together since the wonderful folks at Down Under Pairings and Best Coast Pairings merged just a couple of months to go. The automated stats and brand new user interface are an absolute godsend for the community and something I have been intermittently railing about since I started collating this stuff by hand 2 years ago. Val and I have even recorded a great new episode of 40k Stats Centre that will be released this week featuring an interview with Josh Diffey and Paul McElvey from the company with updates on where their company is heading after the merger and just how they are working to improve what they have on offer. I even get to blitz Josh with a myriad of questions about if and when they'll be able to make their stats more accurate or just what kind of filters we can expect we can add to the menu. It is a great time with good friends and it felt really good to be back in the saddle. I cannot wait until they are able to develop the numbers and their accuracy so I can simply analyze them without having to take them all down first.

If you can't wait for that episode to air to hear my thoughts on life, love, warhammer and the pursuit of happiness then check out The Honest Wargamer every Tuesday. Rob and the crew have a 60+ day streak of consecutive streams featuring guest hosts talking AoS, 40k, hobby, Downton Abbey and the Bush Administration, and Val and I have become regulars on the show, despite it airing live at 5am my time. The episodes are live on Twitch at check them out!

Also, recently I had the opportunity to appear on Best in Faction's 2nd Anniversary Show as a guest host after being voted their most popular guest of all time. I have to assume this was a boaty mcboatface scenario as they have had such a stellar lineup of guests in the past but I'll take it. You can catch me in all of my Murloc-suited glory over at: or check the voice-only option over on libsyn.

Lastly, in my guest appearance news at least, I have gone back to being a regular host over on Chapter Tactics discussing all manner of things speculative with Pablo, Brandon, Skari and the gang. You can catch the episodes wherever good podcasts show up.

Finally, with the extent to which COVID-19 has impacted so many within the community financially, and my ability to provide you guys with content here on this site, I have decided to take down my Patreon page at the very least until such a time that tournaments go back into full swing and I have a reason to pound the pavement for 20 hours a week scanning lists and spreadsheets for you beautiful people. I do not feel it is right of me to take donations at a time when so many other people need them FAR more than I do. So, if you're one of my handful of patrons reading this, I just want to thank you so much for the support you've given me these last 6 months. I never expected people would pay me a dollar for what I do, let alone what some have donated to me and I am forever grateful. If that money is wearing a hole in your pocket going forward, go ahead and give it to someone who truly needs it in this time. Know that I'm perfectly comfortable here in my airport tower just South of the Wall.

Keep an eye on this page for further news and notes from your favorite Bird of Prey.

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