First Faction Loss/TiWP

Average First Round Loss, Tournaments in Winning Position.

If You're Not First You're Last 

The table below totals the first loss each faction sees in a tournament and then uses that data to determine the average round that loss occurs. Undefeated lists are treated as 'losing' the round after the tournament finished (ex. If an Imperial Knights list goes undefeated at a 5 round tournament, it is treated as losing in Round 6). TiWP or Tournaments in Winning Position (Trademark Val Hefflefinger), then takes that data and pulls out any lists that go at least 4-0 to show just which factions are either winning or are on the cusp of winning at any of these events. We recently changed the calculation for TiWP to provide extra weighting for events with more than 5 rounds, effectively measuring 'Tournament Games in Winning Position' instead.